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Dolemeck had been meaning to call his brother Dayton for sometime. Normally, he would have called him up with his cellphone, but he had to turn off his phone. Since he confronted his Father, he had been sent a barrage of angry, drunken voice mails, and text messages from him. Dolemeck decided to take the high road of sorts and not engage in anymore talk with his father, so he kept his cellphone off a majority of the time. If he had to call anyone, he used his tablet and "Skype" to contact them.

He sat up in his bed, listening to the familiar dial tone of the program he used, waiting for Dayton to pick up. It did not take him long, before he got video of his older brother, along with voice.

"Dolemeck! How are you, lad?" Dayton had long red hair, tied behind his head. He was wearing a suit, and appeared to have been relaxing at home after a hard day's work in court. "How's your arm? Mrs. Ramsey told me you had a little accident. Are you okay?"

"I'm doing well and my arm is healing up good enough." He smiled, showing off his cast with the penguin drawn on it by Bobbi. "I'm getting good grades during the summer semester and I am quite happy here."

"That's good to hear!" Dayton smiled. "Looks like you got a nice room all to yourself."

"For now. Once the regular semester starts, I might find me-self with a roommate. Not that it bothers me any." There was a chuckle that escaped Dolemeck's lips. "I got a lot of new friends, and the campus is beautiful. I wished you could see it."

"Maybe I will during Christmas." Dayton relaxed a bit in his chair. "Dolemeck, is something wrong? I have not been able to reach you by phone. Is your cellphone reception poor over there or did you drop your phone and break it, again."

"No, Dayton. The phone works fine." He sighed, not wanting to explain this, but finding he had no choice. "Da... he stood me up for a meeting. He was in the States to perform, and I went to go find him at his hotel room."

"Oh Dolemeck..." Dayton sat back up, looking quite sympathetic to his brother's plight.
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The Xavier Institute was larger than Dolemeck had expected. He figured it would be the size of the private school he attended back at home. But this? This was twice it's size! He could not help but feel somewhat intimidated about attending a school that was of this size, or one that was different from the schools back in England.

The cab driver was helping to get his suitcases out of the trunk, while he stood in awe. He would have helped the cab driver, only he was not allowed to lift anything physically. The back injury he suffered years ago put many restrictions on his life, but he never let them prevent him from experiencing what life had to offer.

"Even if there are things you physically cannot do, cherish the things that you can do"

That was what his brother Dayton would tell him, and that is what he reminded himself constantly. Putting on a bright smile, he thanked the cab driver and paid him his fare, before being left to stand at the front of the school. It was a new day, and he was going to cherish all it had to offer him.
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Player Name/ Personal Journal: Dolemeck
AIM (if you have one): DeadlyGambit2

Character Name: Dolemeck Night

Character Journal:

Physical description (face, build, weight): Caucasian, short black hair, green eyes, stands at 6' currently, weighs 175 pounds (probably more if you count his leg braces), lean build.

Age: Sixteen (soon to be seventeen)

DOB: April, 11th, 1996

PB: (If using one.) Darren Criss

Character location/Home: Currently in Westchester, NY. Born in Baths, England.

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero, student at Xavier's Institute

Relatives (living/dead?): Dayton Night (Eldest brother, age 35), Charles Night (Middle brother, 23), Marion Night (Mother, age 58), Sigfried Night (Father, age 60)

Abilities: Teleknetic abilities (not trained, yet. At this point, he can barely lift his own weight with his mind)

Weaknesses and flaws: Dolemeck endured some severe nerve damage a few years back. This has lead to him requiring leg braces just to be able to walk, otherwise his legs would buckle at the knees or ankle.

Personality: (This is the big one, especially for OCs. Give us a good feel for your character and his or her motivations.) Dolemeck is often very happy, despite his disability and the problems in his life. He looks for a silver lining in almost anything, and is often cheerful. He stays in contact with his brother Dayton, but has trouble trying to contact his mother and father due to their work. His brother, Charles, is not on good terms with him and he does not understand why.

Backstory: (As detailed as you can get for OCs. For canon characters, a Wiki link will suffice.)
Dolemeck Night was the youngest of the Night brothers. He was born in Baths, England, to Marion and Sigfried Night, the lead singer of a popular rock band in Europe. His unusual name stemmed from his father being drunk at the time of his birth, and slurring the name "Dominick" to the nurse. Despite the mix-up, his parents kept his name after the tabloids in Europe penned it as "original".

For as long as Dolemeck could remember, it was his older brother Dayton keeping things in order and caring for him. This was due to the fact that his father was constantly touring Europe with his band "The Dead Nights", and their mother was his manager. Even as they got older, his parents refused to give up the "rock and roll" lifestyle. While he had missed his parents often, Dayton did a good job of raising him and maintaining their family (going as far as to become a legal guardian while their parents were away to his two younger brothers).

When Dolemeck turned thirteen, he was walking home from school when a drunk driver lost control of his car. It was at this time when his teleknetic powers manifested, pushing everyone else out of the way of the car, before being hit, himself. The accident had left him with some spinal and nerve damage, resulting in the inability to walk unassisted.

Thankfully, Dolemeck had the support of his older brother Dayton, who encouraged him to keep smiling and remain positive. He also encouraged him to never let his disability stop him from doing anything. His brother Charles, however, became jealous of the attention that Dolemeck was getting (especially since their parents stopped touring for a bit to take care of him briefly, something they rarely did for any of their children).

As time passed, that jealousy grew into resentment. Charles, while drunk in a pub, revealed that his brother was a mutant. Dayton became worried by this, as mutants had recently been exposed to the world, and the world was not taking it well. There was also the cruel rumor that Charles created, in which he blamed Dolemeck for the accident that nearly crippled him. Not wanting to take any risks with Dolemeck's safety or fears that people would turn on them, he contacted the Xavier Institute and enrolled his brother in the school.

With some reluctance (and without any knowledge of what was really going on), Dolemeck went to America on his own.

Facts: Dolemeck went to Eton College, a prestigious public school in England, at age 13. He boarded there until the rumors that Charles ended up getting picked up by school officials. It was said he called the school and told them the lies directly. Either way, it only caused Dayton Night to pull Dolemeck out of Eton before his final exam.

Sample post: Dolemeck sat under a tree on the grounds of the Institute, a book in hand, and a smile on his face. The institute had so much to offer him, and he found some joy in being around so many people. It was better than that private school he attended back at home, that was for sure! The students were friendlier, and the staff was passionate about teaching them not just about their powers, but education.

Resting the book on his chest, he breathed in the fresh air around him. Apples, he could smell then growing on the tree he sat under. His green eyes took focus on one in particular, already ripe and ready to be picked. He reached his hand out and concentrated as hard as he could. The apple shook a little, then finally snapped off at the stem, and started to float towards his hand. He smiled, picking the apple out of the air and then taking a bite out of it.

Life could not be any better.


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